Spring Balances

Federwaagen - Wir können Ihnen in unserem breiten Produktsortiment Federwaagen in vielen Größen und Auslegungen anbieten.

Large selection of Spring Balances of all kinds

Spring Balances are one of the early developed and basic instruments of the measuring technique, because due to their basic working principle they have a simple and also an effective and robust structure at the same time. Still up to this very day they are in use to determine  the weight of a body or a body strength as uncomplicatedly and precisely as possible. Only few manufacturers except us produce spring balances with such a good precision that they exhibit an error of maximum one percent even with small forces.

Our instruments are highly precise robust at the same time. From the wide range of our products we can offer you Spring Balances in many sizes and versions, that you use to measure weights from 3g to 100 Kg with high accuracy.  We work up only high quality steel and perfectly manufactured springs to ensure you can use and enjoy our product for a long time. We carefully verify our Spring Balances to facilitate an extremely high number of measurements without the neccesity of a verfication correction. We offer special logopedics scales in our product palette, that quantitatively measure the excertion of the movements of the lips. So, our Spring Balances help to improve teh sense of the language, which demonstrates the enormous versatality of our products. Please take a look in our online offer and browse our large selection - You will certainly find a suitable product.

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