Mobile Scales

Find the suitable mobile scale for weighing pallets, road vehicles, weelers, ultra-light airplanes

Mobile Scales save a lot of time and money

Do you want to minimize the effort and the staff load in your enterprise? Should the workflow get more time saving? Our Mobile Scales make it possible for you. Optimize the workflow in your enterprise by intergrating mobile scales in your logistic processes you will save time and money this way.

Instead of transporting the mostly heavy balancing commodity to the stationary weighing equipment, simply turn around the procedure depending on their features mobile scales can be moved to the balancing commodity by hand or on roles.

Thus you save one step in the work procedure and measure the weight locally in the storage hall, at the loading platform, in the production or in the dispatch center. Even during the transport weighing is possible by battery driven devices. Whether as practical hand pallet trucks with integrated evaluation electronics or as pallet balance with portable LED display Mobile Scales let you be more flexible in handling the balancing commodity. When not in use, they can be simply stowed away to save space. Our assortment provides mobile scales from all prestigious manufacturers. For more informations please contact our expert team. We will be happy to support you competently with selecting the right product - our extensive experience in the weighing and measuring techniques vouches for it.

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